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Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. Turns to Quality IT Solutions For One Trusted IT Source That Can Do It All

Boca Raton ITTheir in house Computer Aided Design drafting and blueprinting capabilities, along with their purchasing department -aided by state of the art computer network-, demanded that Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. have access to quality technologies and IT support in order to carry out daily operations.

That’s where Quality IT Solutions comes in – offering the prompt, personal support and technical expertise they required. With their IT department in good hands, Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. has been able to bring the focus back to achieving their own business goals.

When a company lacks the time to juggle their IT needs with client and direct company needs, they can face significant challenges finding a technical support team that suits their company’s culture and process – and an ill fitting IT provider can create more problems than they fix.

The Situation: The Need For An Expert IT Company They Could Invest In For Peace Of Mind!

The challenges that Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. found itself facing have become increasingly popular as technology becomes more of a necessity. Melissa Kling, President of Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. explains, “In the past we ended up wasting more time on fixing our IT issues ourselves when we could have been getting work done. It’s worth the investment to get an expert IT company so that on a daily basis you are able to focus on your own goals instead of computer problems in the office.”

Lacking the time to manage the business’ needs and the IT environment’s needs, Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. knew it was time to make an investment in the IT company that would work best for them – Quality IT Solutions. Kling comments on the decision to go with Quality IT Solutions, saying, “I decided to choose a smaller company for my IT needs because I knew you’d appreciate our business and treat us well unlike sometimes in a larger company you are just another number. I know we are going to get the same person to assist with our IT issues and that makes me feel good instead of a different person every week.”

The Solution: A Reliable & Responsive IT Support Team That Allows Them To Focus On Business Goals!

Quality IT Solutions has done a lot for Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. and continues to help on a daily basis. They have implemented many improvements to the IT environment, however, Kling expresses appreciation for the trustworthy partnership they have been able to provide more than anything. “It is a lot more efficient to work with one company for all of my IT needs. I am too busy with my own work to deal with more than one company. Since they are the experts, I trust what they say I need and feel comfortable telling them I can’t do everything now but let’s create a plan for the future” says Kling.

The Outcome: An Improved IT Environment & Accessible Support For A Better Night’s Rest!

Since working with Quality IT Solutions, Contract Purchasing & Design, Inc. has seen significant benefits including improvements to their IT environment, increased business flow, and some well-deserved peace of mind.

Kling beams, “If a trusted colleague asked about Quality IT Solutions, I’d tell them that I can sleep better at night knowing that my IT issues are being handled by a first class company. I trust that you are putting the success of my business first and will ensure that you will continue to do so in the future.”

Quality IT Solutions can help you reach the IT solutions suited to your success! To learn more, call us at (561) 200-8120 or send us an email: support@qualityitsolutions.net.