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Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Trusts Quality IT Solutions For Personal & Prompt Support

Looking for an IT partner that could bring them responsive, reliable, and expert services, the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce hit the jackpot when they found Quality IT Solutions. They were able to take the time to fully understand the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce’s needs, and provided the personal solutions that would work best for them.

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Common concerns are seen amongst companies looking into smaller IT vendors. More often than not with the boutique-sized IT vendor, the client is worried that the responsiveness to their needs will be lacking. Many clients want to see as many people as possible thrown at a job to ensure it will be a quick fix – but this can leave them facing challenges trying to achieve consistency, conduct follow ups, or receive personalized support.

The Situation: The Need For A Trusted IT Partner For Consistent & Personal Support!

The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce found themselves in need of an IT partner with ability and availability that they could trust. They were looking for a knowledgeable and reliable IT team to keep everything consistent and connected, which is exactly what they found in Quality IT Solutions.

When asked why the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce has chosen, and continues their partnership with Quality IT Solutions, Laurel Baker -Executive Director of Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce- responds, “They are knowledgeable, reliable, honest and simply great to work with.”

The Solution: An On-Hand IT Support Team That Understands Their Needs & Helps Them Understand The Solutions!

Quality IT Solutions has done a lot for the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, and continues helping them on a daily basis. Baker explains the positive impact that Quality IT Solutions has made on them, saying, “We have been operating with two IT systems and do not find the Quality IT prices to be out of line. They are always available to provide technical assistance when needed – the ability to understand a layman’s descriptions of issues is exceptional and very welcoming. It is difficult enough not being able to fully comprehend technology – the personnel never makes one feel ignorant.”

“As stated previously, to have an expert on hand to call is the most efficient means of solving problems. The personalized service, and prompt response time, is very important in a small office like ours.” she adds.

The Outcome: A Trusted IT Partner For Ease In Their Daily Processes & Peace of Mind!

Since turning to Quality IT Solutions, the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce has seen significant benefits, including the peace of mind that comes with trust. Baker elaborates, “Listening at both ends of a conversation is critical. Quality IT took a great deal of time to fully understand our situation, we listened since they are in the know. There is no question that the company is trustworthy and reliable.”

Quality IT Solutions can help you leverage the right IT solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (561) 200-8120 or send us an email: support@qualityitsolutions.net.