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Have Storage Challenges?

How We Help Colleges & Corporations Across the Country with Storage Virtualization.

Improve your operations and save money on your IT budget with storage virtualization services from Quality IT Solutions.

Data Storage SolutionsThe amount of important data stored by colleges and corporations is immense – from student records, to curriculums, to employee details, and so much more. You need assurance that your data is secure and easily accessible whenever you need it; that’s why Quality IT Solutions provides storage virtualization services for colleges across the country.

What are the benefits of Storage Virtualization?

Virtualization is often talked about, but many clients outside of the IT world don’t really understand its true meaning or the benefits it provides. When your storage is virtualized with DataCore solutions, your performance is optimized, improving the availability and utilization of data across your infrastructure.

To learn more about how DataCore is helping colleges and organizations improve their operations with storage virtualization, get in touch with us at support@qualityitsolutions.net or (561) 200-8120 .

  • With virtualized storage, you benefit from smooth and effective operations, consistently optimal performance, and a convenient suite of exciting features.
  • Hardware is constantly changing, especially when it comes to storage technology. With storage virtualization, we remove the burden of continuous upkeep, maintenance, and replacement of hardware.
  • Our services allow different systems to be copied, moved, and managed; and you have full control over you data storage. You also benefit from reliability and easy access to your data whenever it’s needed.
  • We assist with all of your data storage needs, including migrating from EMC to Hitachi or Dell data storage.
  • You gain peace of mind knowing that your data is always secure, and hardware issues or natural disasters will never cripple your campus; we offer the best disaster recovery technology on the market.

Get in touch with Quality IT Solutions at support@qualityitsolutions.net or (561) 200-8120 to discuss how storage virtualization will help improve operations and cut costs for your college or corporation.