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The #1 Reason Why Stable IT is Your Business’ Best Friend

As any executive search firm professional will attest, finding the right fit involves far more than a quick Google search and making a phone call.

South Florida IT SupportAmong many additional steps, it also involves maintaining a stable and secure IT network – alongside a particular eye for talent.

Stanton Chase is a well known global executive search firm based locally in Boca Raton, FL. They have built a reputation for their excellence and top-notch customer service.

Juan Morales is the Managing Director at Stanton Chase, Miami Office, and a valued client of Quality IT Solutions. In the following Morales will elaborate on his experience while working with our team on his IT needs.

You’re More Than A Number

Our entrance to the Miami Office Stanton Chase team involved the implementation of several technological and service solutions – all of which resulted in a secure network and a happy customer. They were particularly impressed with our personalized boutique approach that treats them as an important customer, rather than one of many.

“It’s our view that one-stop shopping is the way to go once a provider proves worthy of our trust. Over the years we’ve been doing business with them, Quality IT Solutions has rewarded our decision to have them maintain our network by providing good, dependable and knowledgeable consultation and services.” Explains Morales.

Quality IT Solutions is very pleased to say that the Stanton Chase team is now operating on a stable system that allows for their future growth.

“Quality IT Solutions is an invaluable asset to our company in that IT is one less worry that I have to deal with in my business. They don’t sacrifice speed and responsiveness for quality. Quality IT Solutions is exactly what they claim to be—a quality IT solution.” Morales continues to say.

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