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Quality IT Solutions restores and upgrades system at Worth International Media after major IT disaster

Worth International MediaWhen a major IT catastrophe brought down Worth International Media’s entire virtual environment, Quality IT Solutions restored their system and data storage, adding functionality, increased flexibility and higher performance.

Worth International Media Group have been publishing business to business magazines for the travel agent and event planning sectors for 50 years. According to Worth International Media’s Gary Herman “IT is an important part of our infrastructure – today’s world has a multitude of distribution channels – email, websites, social media. Staying on top of all the relevant ways of distribution and collaboration is important.”

It is paramount that Worth International Media are able to maintain digital files and IT is essential to this. Herman states “We have a production staff in house who design our magazines and they have huge requirements for InDesign file storage. We need to have a historical record, digitally, to reference and look back on.”

Worth International Media was using DataCore products and ran into a problem with the current version they had. Their virtual environment was connected to an outdated SAN system and one day the system ran out of space bringing down the whole virtual environment. Worth International Media’s original software vendor was no longer supporting them. After contacting a few different companies, Quality IT Solutions won them over with their experience.

The Situation: A need for effective and consistent data storage management

Quality IT Solutions dealt with the immediate situation by reallocating additional space to the SAN. After resolving that issue, they replaced Worth International Media’s old system with a new highly available system. Quality IT Solutions utilized VMware, vSphere 5.5, DataCore, SANsymphony-V 10 and Dell Poweredge R720 to add functionality, greater flexibility and more performance to the upgrade.

The Solution: Teaming with Quality IT Solutions for exceptional service and reliable support

After receiving incomparable service from Quality IT Solutions, Worth International Media decided to continue a relationship with them on a managed service plan. Most of the IT vendors they had used in the past had offered these services, but Worth International Media declined, having in house solutions they felt were sufficient for their needs. Herman comments “Quality IT Solutions brought in such a high level platform that it began to make sense to have their team of professionals manage the IT part of our daily business. When the pros come on board, it makes sense to have them handle what they do best.” Quality IT Solutions provide Worth International Media with:

  • Reliable and secure storage virtualization – Quality IT Solutions virtualizes storage with DataCore solutions to deliver smooth operations and the best disaster recovery technology on the market.
  • Valuable & beneficial virtualization services – Quality IT Solutions’ virtualization services help improve workflow and processes, ensuring maximum return on IT investments.
  • Unique and innovative managed services – Quality IT Solutions offers an extensive selection of IT strategies and services to help increase productivity.

Worth International Media highly recommend Quality IT Solutions. Herman says “They are there when you need them, their skill sets fit the issues at hand and they keep their promises, which is uncommon in today’s business world.” 

Virtualization solutions from Quality IT Solutions help improve productivity and processes and reduce the costs of operation. Get in touch with Quality IT Solutions today at support@qualityitsolutions.net or (561) 200-8120 to discuss how we can help your business benefit from virtualization and our managed IT services.