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Why Choose Quality IT Solutions?

One Hour, Two Hour Response Time…
How About Zero Hour Response Time?

A lot of our competitors will promise that if you send an email or you have to leave a message on the phone about a problem, they’ll contact you within one hour or two hours or whatever they promise to let you know they’re aware of your issue and they’ve started working on a resolution.

Well, they can keep bragging about that if they want, but we think they’ve got it all backwards. We don’t focus on response time (which is usually under an hour, by the way) because we don’t want to have to respond to anything at all.

We’d rather use proactive maintenance to prevent problems before they happen in the first place. For example, outdated hardware needs be upgraded or replaced before it fails and burdens your business with productivity-killing downtime.

We’ll Take Care of Everything I.T. Allowing You To Dedicate Your Attention Elsewhere In Your Business.

It’s an understatement to say running a business just requires a lot of “juggling”… it’s more accurate to describe the constant hustle required to run a business as more like juggling eggs, a dozen of them, with one hand, while having to jump up and down on one foot, with your mother just a few feet away recounting the most embarrassing stories of your teenage years in an effort to distract you.

In other words, it can get pretty hectic.

By offering the full spectrum of IT services, we’ll take at least one thing off your plate. That’ll give you more time and energy to do everything else that’s necessary for you to meet your revenue goals and sustain growth.

Give us a call at (561) 200-8120 or send a message over to support@qualityitsolutions.net for more information about our IT services.

  • They are there when you need them, their skill sets fit the issues at hand and they keep their promises, which is uncommon in today’s business world.

    Gary Herman – Worth International Media Group
  • “They are knowledgeable, reliable, honest and simply great to work with.”

    Laurel Baker, Executive Director – Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • “Listening at both ends of a conversation is critical. Quality IT took a great deal of time to fully understand our situation, we listened since they are in the know. There is no question but that the company is trust-worthy and reliable.”

    Laurel Baker – Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce